Sports Massage is a very effective way of releasing muscle tension and helping to restore balance to the body as a whole.

Whether you compete at high level, or suffer from the general aches and pains that affect our daily lives, sports massage can be very beneficial.

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FHT Federation


VTCT Level 4 certificate sports massage therapy

VTCT Level 3 Diploma in massage Techniques/A&P/Swedish massage

Kinesiology taping

Soigneur with Team Raleigh GAC


As an Ironman and GB Age Group Triathlete I have been using Michelle for my pre and post race massage and also regular maintenance throughout my training programme.

Michelle is not only extremely knowledgeable with the service that she offers but also has a sound working knowledge of the sport I do and so understands completely the stresses that I put onto my body and therefore knows exactly how to help and inform me to look after it and remain injury free.

Not only is Michelle excellent at what she does she also has a fantastic, positive and infectious personality. Whilst always professional, our sessions have been far more than just a massage, with the stories and experiences that are shared and I consider Michelle more than just “the person who gets rid of my knots”.

Michelle is completely flexible with when she makes herself available to her clients and for me this is invaluable as trying to juggle work, training and therapy is very demanding. I would happily recommend Michelle to anyone who is looking for regular massage treatments to support their training. My legs and shoulders have never been in such good shape!

Richard Sellors (GB Age Group Triathlete)   

Michelle provided post ride massage each day to 8 riders during the 2012 edition of Pedal The Pyrenees. She also provided inter-ride muscle massage to those of us that needed it during each day of the event.

Everyone agreed that without Michelle the ride would have been much tougher and definitely more painful. Personally I wouldn’t have made it through the mountains for 7 days if it hadn’t been for Michelle.

Colin Speirs (Event Director)   

Michelle was first introduced to us in on the Pedal the Pyrenees bike ride which consisted of seven days riding in the mountains in France, Michelle was instrumental in ensuring that all the riders survived what was a very tough event.

Michelle now also Massages on all of our events in the UK including the Dambuster Duathlon and Triathlon and the Vitruvian where she offers post event massage. We deeply appreciate her unquestionable integrity, superlative massage therapy skills and expertise, and of course her sense of humour.

Mark Shaw (Director @ Pacesetter Events)   


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